Weight Loss Program
Are you tired of losing that "10 pounds" and getting stuck?
Are you frustrated with diets that don't work?
Is it impossible for you to lose weight ?
Have you starved yourself counting calories and seen little to no results?

Then maybe the problem is not the diet or weight loss supplement.

First read this patient testimonial:
“I am a 29 year old female who has suffered with painful irregular menstrual cycles and obesity since adolescence.  I have polycystic ovaries which also affects my pancreas.  My body turns any type of sugar to fat, therefore every diet and fat blocker I have tried has been unsuccessful.  After only two months on the program I have lost almost 25 pounds and my menstrual cycles have become regular and pain free for the first time in my life.”
                        Melanie H. (Registered Nurse)

For this patient it wasn't a new diet or weight loss supplement, it was balancing out imbalances in her body.

My practice focuses on helping your body function the way it was designed to.  To do this requires a normally functioning nervous system.  There are several factors that can effect how the nervous system functions.  The obvious pains and strains of life do effect the way your nervous system functions but there are also other factors to consider.  For example, if your lymphatic system is backed-up you will begin to retain water.  If your female department is malfunctioning you will develop hormonal issues.  If your thyroid is imbalanced your metabolism will slow down.  If your kidneys are not functioning properly your body salts and fluids will be out of balance.

As you can see there is more to weight loss than just another diet or weight loss supplement.  If you struggle losing weight, than consider scheduling an exam to determine what imbalances your body is dealing with.

We also offer introductory classes.  This is a time for you to learn about our practice and ask any questions before making a decision to accept care.  The class is free of charge, just call to schedule.