The Examination

Let’s say you come in for a consultation and share with me your health concerns. Now what?

Let’s look at the different steps required in performing an examination.

Step 1: Consultation. I will meet with each patient individually to discuss and explore the patient's concerns and their desired results.

Step 2: Comprehensive Examination. Each patient is connected to the computer by two electrodes. The electrodes are simply a brass handle, one is held in each hand. Once the patient is connected to the computer the examination will take just a few minutes. The computer will test over 7000 items in the body to include the ones previously mentioned.

Step 3: Report of the doctor’s findings. At the completion of your comprehensive exam you will be given a copy of your findings. In addition to this Dr. Bennett will use the Asyra to determine:

1. Which food supplements are necessary to balance out your condition.

2. How many of each supplement to take each day

3. And the length of time you will need to take each supplement.

Step 4: Chiropractic Adjustments. As part of your comprehensive exam the doctor will use the Asyra to evaluate your spine, hips, and joints. If any of these areas are determined to be misaligned you will be receiving adjustments to correct these findings.

Step 5: Muscle Stimulation Therapy. Muscle Stimulation is a therapy that is designed to stimulate the nervous system. It involves placing 2 electrode pads on your spine. The pads are placed over the area of the spine that relates to the problems found on your exam. This therapy is done as a means of stimulating the nerves to the problem areas. Therapy is done for 15 minutes and is accompanied by a heating pad.

If you are currently taking supplements please bring them along so they can be tested as well.