For several months I had trouble sleeping through the night because of bladder control. The last couple of weeks it had gotten worse to the point that I had to get up two and sometimes three times a night. I came to you, and you immediately found my problem and adjusted me. For five nights after my first treatment, I slept straight through.
— your patient
I want to thank you very much for clearing up my eczema. I tried a dermatologist for 3-4 months and got cortisone shots and ointments and nothing worked. When I came to you, you had me try a vitamin supplement and it cleared everything up in about 2 weeks.
— Lori S.
I am a 41 yr. old female. For the past few years I have been suffering from lower abdominal pain. My Gynecologist had tests done on me at the hospital that determined I had a 3.8cm cyst on my left ovary. My Gynecologist then discussed surgery to remove the cyst. That’s when I confided in Dr. Bennett. I called him one afternoon and he told me to come right in and we’d figure this out if it takes all afternoon. After a few simple tests in his office, he discovered my spleen wasn’t working properly and that in turn causes cysts to form on your inner organs. He prescribed a few supplements to strengthen my spleen and clean the toxins out of my system. Within 1 month my pain subsided. I was scheduled for another sonogram before setting up surgery. They found that the cyst was gone, the nurse was amazed, they couldn’t believe it. And I was relieved not to have surgery. I credit Dr. Bennett for caring enough to take the time to find and solve my problems.
— Linda S.
Before you I was tired all the time, most days I found myself falling asleep before 7:30. I was also troubled with constant aches and pains, I was only 27 but I felt like I was 90. Two years later here I am, staying awake as late as I want, aches and pain are gone. I now work out on a regular basis and have enough energy left over to coach my daughter’s basketball team. Thank you for giving me my life back.
— Jody L.
For all the parents out there who are tired of medical doctors that don’t listen to your concerns; and when they do they tell you “it’s ok or you’re just over reacting.” Dr. Bennett has been wonderful!!! He listens to everything and explains everything carefully. He takes the time to find out exactly what is wrong and how to fix it. He saw my nine year old son who complained of abdominal pain since he was two. The doctors would tell me he was doing it for attention. Dr. Bennett tested him and found he had an intestinal parasite. After he took the supplement his appetite increased and he no longer complains of abdominal pain. He also is treating my son for frequent sinus infections and an allergy to animal hair. Take your children to someone who listens and cares.
— Melanie, R.N. Mom and Nurse