Suppressed Symptoms

It is important to understand why some patients worsen before they improve. If your kidney is loaded with chemicals it only stands to reason that you will feel a little lousy once these chemicals begin to drain from your body.

Another reason that some patients worsen before they improve is because certain symptoms have been suppressed. For example, if you had bladder infections as a young person and each time an infection arose you took an antibiotic to treat it, chances are this infection is still around. It’s just buried deep within your tissues. As you heal this infection will be brought to the surface and dealt with. This again may cause some discomfort until the body gets it under control.

Remember energy is neither created nor destroyed. It is just transformed from one form to another (Law of conservation of energy). Therefore, if you suppress a problem today chances are it will appear later on in a different form. This explains why some people go from one illness or problem to another and never feel good.