Asyra Research

Asyra in Allergy Treatment

A new study shows the Asyra may be helpful to allergy patients. The study monitored the condition of 35 individuals suffering from the symptoms of allergies, over the course of 4 months. Of the subjects, 25 were tested using the Asyra bio-resonant screening device and remedies were imprinted using the testing plate, 5 received a placebo treatment and 5 received no treatment at all. Any change in the health of each subject was measured before and after the treatment. Both the placebo and control groups showed a slight deterioration in their condition, while subjects who received the Asyra remedies all saw an improvement of between 80%-90%.

Asyra and Blood Chemistry

Drawing from a clinical pool of 1,800 patients, E. Alan Jeppsen, M.D., and Steven G. Osguthorpe, N.D., conducted a double-blind study of over 600 randomly assigned patients, of which 100 were used as control subjects. This study, “Effectiveness of the Asyra in Assessing Sub-Physiologic Thyroid Levels in Women 35 to 65 Years of Age," yielded a 97 percent correlation with blood chemistry.